What do I need to do after my braces come off? Print

Congratulations!!! You have made it through treatment and now you have a beautiful smile. In order to keep your great smile, you must wear your retainers or else your teeth will move back. The teeth will not stay exactly where we have placed them. They will make adaptive changes to function in the most efficient manner. This readjustment is not a failure of correction, but rather a natural change that we have learned to accept. You will need to follow these directions to take care of your retainers and your brand new smile.

Wear your retainers FULL TIME for one week (unless otherwise told by the Doctor). You may remove your retainers while eating and brushing but you must replace them as soon as you are finished.

After wearing your retainers for one week you will then go to wearing them at night. You need to wear your retainers every night for about 10 to 12 hours. If you only sleep eight hours then put them in a few hours before bed.

Keep retainers clean by scrubbing them with your toothbrush. Use the remainder of toothpaste on your brush and rinse; never rinse with hot water. Make sure to clean retainers before storing them in your case.

Always bring your retainers with you for your appointments. If your retainer is lost or broken, please call us immediately. Again, if you do not have your retainers your teeth will move back. Replacement retainers cost $75.00 each if your teeth have not moved.

If you have pets, keep your retainers away from them. They will make a great chew toy. Never wrap retainers in a paper towel; they will get thrown away. Also, if there is a rough edge you can use an emery board to smooth it.

If you miss a night, wear your retainer FULL TIME. Make sure your retainer is completely in, this may cause your teeth to be sore but they should realign. If they don’t, call our office immediately.

Good luck and thank you for choosing our office to give you your amazing smile!!!

                       Hawley Retainer                                              Lower Aligner

Hawley Aligner

*Hawley Retainers and Lower Aligners can be designed to move teeth if needed.  Full time wear is important for the changes to occur.  Teeth may be tender from wearing this active retainer (just like when you had braces!).  Tylenol, Advil or whatever you prefer for discomfort will help.  Please call our office if you have any difficulty wearing you retainer.

*Wear the appliance at all times including mealtime and during sleep unless you have been specifically instructed otherwise.

*As soon as you have finished eating, take the appliance out and carefully brush your teeth.  If at school, you may leave it in but remove it once you are home  for cleaning.  Make sure that you clean the inside, outside and all surfaces of your teeth.

*After you have finished brushing your teeth, clean the appliance in this manner:

  • Hold it in the palm of you hand and never from the wires.
  • Use a toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Carefully brush the inside and outside surfaces
  • Rinse the appliance well with water.

*Replace the appliance as soon as you have cleaned it.

*Be gentle when removing and replacing the appliance.

*Don't put your retainer in your pocket (you may break it!).

*Be careful, dogs like retainers too!